Actress Tatum O'neal will never forgive her family for cutting her off when she was at her lowest - recovering from a heroin addiction in rehab.

The OSCAR winner spiralled downwards after her mother JOANNA MOORE died in 1997 - and turned to drugs to dull the pain.

But when she sought help from her father Ryan O'Neal and ex-husband JOHN McENROE, they weren't willing to come to her aid.

She explains, "He never called me, the kids never visited me. The kids never could write me, the kids couldn't talk to me.

"(My father said) he didn't know me. I never got a visitor from a family member."

But, though she'll never forgive his tough stance - and the things he has said since about his ex's problems - Tatum accepts McEnroe was a good dad when she was in rehab.

She adds, "I knew that he needed to take care of the children, I knew I needed help. I do respect him really for that but that doesn't mean he can call me a scum-sucking pig. I'm not. I'm a person with a problem."

07/09/2004 02:41