Tatum O'neal has blasted her father Ryan O'Neal on national TV again - by insisting he's a hopeless grandfather.

The actress appeared on America's OPRAH show yesterday (12OCT04) to promote her explosive memoirs A PAPER MOON, but the interview quickly turned into another rant about her dad.

After attacking him for his violent rages, O'Neal said, "I would love nothing more than my dad to sit here and say, 'I'm sorry, Tatum...'

"I'm sorry that he didn't see my oldest son graduate from high school. My eldest son, I just drove him to college and he doesn't even know he graduated.

"On 23 September (04), my son just turned 17. He didn't call him. These are the kind of things that Ryan is not a part of."

O'Neal was also critical of her father's long-term on-off partner FARRAH FAWCETT, for ignoring her and her 13-year-old brother GRIFFIN when she fell for their dad.

O'Neal added, "The problem is I had a 13-year-old brother that was crashing into Sylvester Stallone's car. They excluded both of us and he (Ryan) said, 'You take care of your brother.' They're forgetting part of the story.

"And then he knocked out Griffin's teeth and then he sent Griffin to rehab. They're forgetting the whole part of the story."

13/10/2004 02:41