Tatum O'neal's son has been arrested for drug possession.

Kevin McEnroe, 27, was detained by police in Manhattan on Tuesday (15.07.14) after officers allegedly observed him buying illegal substances.

Police said he was in possession of six clear bags of cocaine, a muscle relaxant, 20 white oxycodone pills and 10 unidentified orange pills.

He was charged with possession of a controlled substance and was later released without bail after being arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday (16.07.14).

Tatum - who also has battled drug addiction herself from the age of 14 - had reportedly called police in a panic on Wednesday when she failed to find her son.

Kevin and his younger siblings Emily and Sean were cared for by their father John McEnroe - who also has children Anna, 18, and Ava, 15, from his marriage to Patty Smith - from 1995 after their parents split because of their mother's drug addiction.

In 2008, Tatum was arrested for misdemeanour drug possession and agreed to spend two half-day sessions in a drug treatment programme after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in connection with the arrest.