Actress Tatum O'neal has turned on her late mother JOANNA MOORE, claiming the actress was a junkie who allowed her teenage lover to beat her.

The OSCAR-winning PAPER MOON star, now 40, has already spoken candidly about the abuse she received from her father Ryan O'Neal and ex-husband JOHN McENROE, but now she has lashed out at her drug-addict mum.

O'Neal says, "I lived in a bathroom in Reseda and my mother had a boyfriend who was 15 and he used to beat us and he'd beat us 60, 70 times. I ran away three times, four times, five times."

Her father took charge of his kids when Tatum was six and sent her off to boarding school.

Despite the accusations Tatum has levelled against her father, she accepts, "My father is the most charming, funny, incredible guy you'll ever meet. He's, to me, the best actor. He's bigger than life. I fell in love with my father, not in a sensual or sexual way, but in a sort of desperate mother-father way."

06/09/2004 02:16