A steamy interview with lesbian pop duo Tatu on German TV has caused uproar among watchdogs.

Music television station VIVA aired the raunchy interview on Thursday (12JUN03), which saw sexy singer YULIA VOLKOVA sporting a see-through pink top - as well as a simulated sex act.

After Volkova arrived on set wearing the breast-exposing t-shirt, host MOLA ABEBISI started a conversation that spiraled out of his control.

Holding the microphone in front of a member of the audience, Abebisi said to Tatu, "He's still a virgin. Can you help him?"

Band member LENA KATINA simply answered diplomatically, "There are many cute boys in the audience."

However, when Abebisi took the microphone back, Yulia said, "You've got to do it from behind with it," and pointed into the direction of the host's bottom.

He played along until Lena screamed excitedly, "No. Stick it into your a*s," which caused an embarrassed Abebisi to smile coyly as the misbehaviour continued.

When the boy from the audience asked to join the supposed lesbian duo on the couch, Lena pushed her luck by simulating sex from behind with him, leading a concerned Abebisi to say, "I'm afraid this is going out of control."

German watchdog company VEREIN FREIWILLIGE SELBSTKONTROLLE FERNSEHEN E V, which does not officially control Viva, said it will be filing a complaint against the station, claiming the interview contravened a German youth protection law.

15/06/2003 10:46