Hot Russian duo Tatu have drafted in a third member for their EUROVISION SONG CONTEST performance this Saturday (24MAY03) - because singer Julia Volkova has acute damage to her vocal chords.

KATYA NECHAEVA, 17, has joined the lesbian stars to prevent a below-par performance in front of 150 million viewers.

Volkova will still sing live with her partner LENA KATINA at the competition in Riga, Latvia, but Nechaeva will also be at the forefront of the vocal action, leading the backing singers.

Katya has already sung unseen on the girl's hits and is the next "fame project" for controversial Tatu manager IVAN SHAPOVALOV.

She says, "Ivan says I should be like a LOLITA. He wants me to make an accent on my young age and sexuality."

21/05/2003 02:23