Russian lesbian duo Tatu are in talks to have their rags-to-riches story recreated on the big screen.

Teenage lovers Yulia Volkova and LENA KATINA and manager IVAN SHAPOVALOV will oversee the project, and are all excited about its possibilities.

Lovely Lena lets slip, "I am very, very happy. This is crazy you know, really crazy. It is a dream come true for there to be a film all about us. Yulia is crazy also."

Despite the movie being in such early stages, the film charting the girls' rise from the slums of Moscow to being the best-selling Russian pop act, is pencilled in for a September (03) release in Russia.

Yulia and Lena are unlikely to star as themselves, although they will make cameo appearances. A spy from the Tatu camp confesses, "Tatu are the biggest thing ever to happen in Russian pop music, they are our Beatles or ELVIS PRESLEY. Even if no-one else watches the film, everyone in Russia will see it and it will make money because they're a phenomenon."