Chart-topping pop duo Tatu have been outed as faux lesbians by band member Yulia Volkova's ex-boyfriend.

The teenage Russian singing duo - Yulia and LENA KATINA - have hit the top spot around the world with ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID, a song that's accompanied by a steamy video implying the pair are more than just friends.

However, Yulia's former lover ANTON KHRULEV knows otherwise.

He told British newspaper THE NEWS OF THE WORLD, "She told me 'The lesbian thing is just our image. It makes us a lot of money. So because of this we're pretending to be lesbians'."

And Anton claims saucy Yulia also enjoyed romps with his brother MISHA. He adds, "She loves men so much she even slept with my brother. He couldn't resist her seduction."

But the roguish Russian, who dated dark-haired Yulia for less than a year and is now married to someone else, adds there is no doubting the young singer's passion.

He concludes, "When I hear those lesbian stories it makes me laugh. Sometimes we'd do it six or seven times a night. She didn't mind what positions - that was for me to decide. She just wanted more."