Faux lesbian duo Tatu are refusing to boost their faltering fortunes by ditching their native Russian tongue and recording in English instead.

The controversial pop pair had been experimenting by singing in English on recent live dates in Germany in an attempt to maintain their meteoric rise to the top of the charts - but LENA KATINA and Julia Volkova have now decided to stick to their mother tongue despite indications their popularity is waning.

Lena explains, "When we sing in English people don't understand us, so they just walk away. But we want them to enjoy our concerts and stay to the end. So we'd like to sing in Russian.

"We have done a lot for our country and the people of Russia love us for it. We are proud of being Russian and of what we have done for our country."

And Julia indicates that the girls are now ready to drop claims that they are lesbians - promising to show fans their "other sides".

She says, "We never said we didn't like men. We just said that we preferred sex with women. But now we want to show our other sides."

23/06/2003 13:54