Lesbian pop duo Tatu are causing a fresh scandal in their native Russia - by campaigning to become joint presidents of the country.

The raunchy singers - Yulia Volkova, 18 and LENA KATINA, 19 - plan to win the Russian election in March (04), despite not satisfying the minimum age requirement of 35 years, necessary to be elected head of state.

But the ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID pair argue that because their combined ages total 37 they are eligible as a candidate.

However, President Vladimir Putin is expected to win his second term in office at 14 March (04) vote.

A spokeswoman for Tatu says, "Tatu are running together. We cannot separate the girls.

"We are going to collect signatures in support of proposing them as a candidate in the presidential elections."

05/01/2004 17:55