'Lesbian' pop act Tatu have been forced to cancel their concert appearance in Monte Carlo, France, after singer Julia Volkova was taken ill with appendicitis.

The ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID girl duo were due to perform at the weekend (23/24AUG03) but Volkova, 18, began suffering from acute stomach pains while driving around Moscow.

She was taken to the MOSCOW CENTRAL HOSPITAL and operated on immediately after the diagnosis was made.

Volkova says, "I was taken to hospital just at the right time. Doctors told me the operation was a success but said there could have been complications if I had left it until later."

The pair were then ordered to cancel their concert so Julia could rest.

She adds, "Unfortunately we weren't able to go to Monte Carlo for the scheduled date, but we will choose another date as all the tickets have been sold and we were really looking forward to it.

"We also plan to go to Latin America, where our music is currently storming the charts."

25/08/2003 21:14