Russian lesbian duo Tatu have been accused of turning a British gig into a paedophile's paradise after they gave away hundreds of tickets to schoolgirls - but only if they dressed a certain way.

The children are being told they must turn up in skimpy uniforms in order to secure free entry, according to British tabloid THE DAILY STAR.

Parents and children's charities have already slammed the alleged plans, which are detailed on the band's official website and refer to their forthcoming London Wembley Arena gig.

The event is only open to girls between the ages of 14 and 17, who must email the TATU fan club to qualify.

JANE CHANNING of the Bristol-based anti-paedophile group WHITE RIBBON CAMPAIGN FOR JUSTICE says, "Their manager should be hung, drawn and quartered for encouraging children to dress up like ST TRINIANS schoolgirls so paedophiles can get their rocks off."