Lesbian pop babes Tatu were robbed of a Eurovision Song Contest win, according to Russia's state-owned CHANNEL ONE TV.

Faux-lesbian teenagers LENA KATINA and Julia Volkova came third in last week's (24MAY03) contest in Riga, Latvia, behind Turkey and Belgium - but Channel One insists the "unlikely low points" they received from certain countries were to blame.

Tatu's final position was also harmed by a voting mix up in Ireland, claims Channel One. Telephone voting by the Irish public was not taken into account because the results came in too late. If the telephone votes had counted, Tatu would have been placed higher, the station speculates.

A TV spokesman says, "Considering insignificant difference in points (three points) between the first and third places, there are grounds to believe that the contest results could be much different for Russia."

Channel One will be sending an official protest to the contest's governing body.

29/05/2003 16:57