Tashaki Miyaki 'Cool Runnings' New Single Released Feb 25th 2014 [Listen]

Tashaki Miyaki 'Cool Runnings' New Single Released Feb 25th 2014 [Listen]

Los Angeles based dreamy trio Tashaki Miyaki are pleased to announce their latest release. The limited edition coloured vinyl will be available on their own vinyl imprint, Blonde Dog Records, as the soundtrack to a collaboration with director Juan Iglesias on February 25, 2014.

Singer and drummer Lucy Miyaki explains about the track:

"Cool Runnings is a song about trying to stop the cycle of self sabotage. I wanted to present that idea lyrically in way that wasn't too self-serious, as the concept itself is so severe. Levity seemed important lyrically and musically. The original demo was titled "Cool Runnings" by my bandmate Rocky, and I thought it was perfect because that's what I do when I self sabotage. In some form or another I act like it's cool and run away. Musically the track was inspired by a few different things. I was inspired by the strings on Big Star's Third Sister Lovers, John Cale's Vintage Violence, and also the string arrangements on the Velvets and Trex records. My friend Nathaniel Walcott (Bright Eyes) wrote the arrangement and I loved it immediately. Unexpectedly, I think it came out sounding more like The Left Banke, who I dig, so I'm cool with that."
Track List:
A. Cool Runnings
B. There was a Light (Chris Bell cover)

Los Angeles based Tashaki Miyaki was born out of a late night jam between Lucy and Rocky in early 2011. Shortly after they started making recordings as a duo with friend and producer/engineer Joel Jerome (Dios, Babies in Acid). After posting a couple songs on Bandcamp there was sudden response from bloggers and business types alike, including being flown to London to play a private event for Converse at the legendary 100 Club.  Realizing they needed to fill out their live sound, they asked friend and bassist Dora Hiller to join.  Since then they have recorded a self titled EP, a single (Best Friend, Luvluvluv Records), a 7" of Everly Brothers Covers (Rough Trade's For Us Records), a tape of all their early recordings on Burger Records, as well as toured North America and the UK. They are currently in the midst of recording their debut full length.