Actress Taryn Manning has wrecked her hair by donning cornrows and braids for her role as a hooker in new movie HUSTLE + FLOW.

The 8 MILE star studied prostitutes to prepare for her latest role as NOLA and decided to copy their look for the film - even though it left her with clumps of missing hair.

She explains, "We met some dancers and some hookers and a lot of them had weaves and cornrows and braids.

"For Nola, the braids were just another way of getting a certain kind of guy.

"I'm totally suffering now. I'm balding in places because the braids ripped at my scalp."

Manning also kept the budget down on the film after learning that hookers like to keep their clothing costs cheap.

She adds, "We actually found the store where the hookers and the streetwalkers shopped - big, cheap, fake leather boots; dresses for $4.99 to $10.00."

26/06/2005 02:51