8 MILE star Taryn Manning is advising young adults to think twice before tattooing their limbs, now that she's begun the painful process of removing hers from her arms.

The actress has musical notes, unicorns and "I love boys" among the collection of markings across her body, and now she deeply regrets not putting the tattoos somewhere a little more discreet than her arms.

She says of her unicorn tattoos, "I like unicorns and I'm stupid and that's why I'm getting 'em off.

"And if I can give anyone advice, don't get tattoos on your arms - it's stupid."

Manning has just begun the process of removing musical notes from her wrists, and she's shocked at how painful it is.

She adds, "I tested out this little area (on my wrist) and it was kinda successful, but it hurts so bad. When I got 'em removed it felt like when you cook bacon and it pops on your arm."

14/07/2005 09:51