Taron Egerton says 'Rocketman' is a ''fantasy musical'' - not a biopic.

The 28-year-old actor is set to play the part of a young Sir Elton John in the long-awaited movie, but Taron has clarified that the Dexter Fletcher-directed film is a musical rather than a strict biopic.

He shared: ''We are making a movie called Rocketman about Elton John's formative years. Everyone thinks it's a biopic. It isn't.

''It's a fantasy musical so it's actually his songs used to express important beats in his life at emotional moments. He's not the only character that sings. It's going to be fun.''

Taron has been busily preparing for the sought-after role, revealing he will be constantly singing on set to ensure he delivers the best possible performance.

He told Collider: ''I'm going to do it all. I'm going to do it on set as well. We're going to use a variety of techniques but I will always be singing on set. No miming. I'm just not interested in doing it that way.''

Meanwhile, Jamie Foxx - who stars alongside Taron in the upcoming 'Robin Hood' movie - recently hailed the Welsh actor as one of the most talented people in Hollywood.

Reflecting on the experience of working with Taron, the Academy Award-winning star said: ''Listen, we had a great time. This man is one of the most talented people you will ever see.''