Taraji P. Henson has urged women to ''eat with confidence''.

The 'Empire' star - who plays outspoken mother Loretha 'Cookie' Lyon in the US drama TV series - believes ladies need to stop spending so much time a day deciding what is best for them to eat and have fewer ''feelings of guilt'' about what they consume on a regular basis.

The 46-year-old actress wrote on Instagram: ''statistics have shown that it takes the average woman 61 mins per day to make smart food choices. That is 15 days that we waste our energy on deciding what's best for us to eat or have feelings of guilt about what we ate. Transfer the negative to positive and take the guess work out when on the go grab

''Women we spend way too much time doubting our food choices!!!

Shout out to @SpecialK for rallying women to eat with confidence and #OWNIT. (sic)''

It's not the first time Taraji has helped people with their lifestyle choices.

Her fellow 'Empire' star Terrence Howard - who plays Cookie's ex, Lucious Lyon - admitted earlier this year that he lost 40lbs after the star was teasing him about his weight.

He said: ''Taraji was making so much fun of me at work about gaining weight. She was like, 'Do you really want to look like this the rest of your career?' ''

The actor started running five miles every morning and went on a ''no carbs, no salt, no sugar'' diet.