Taraji P. Henson doesn't ''feed into'' her insecurities.

The 48-year-old actress has said that whilst she still has hang ups about her body just like everybody else, she refuses to let her negative thoughts have any ''power'' over her.

She said: ''As humans, we all have them. But I try not to give them power. I try not to feed into them.''

But that doesn't stop the 'Empire' star from having ''moments'' where she notices things she doesn't like about her body.

She added: ''Like yesterday, I was sitting on the stage ... and my knees just looked really fat. I looked down and was like, 'Oh my god.' [But] you know what? I'd rather have fat knees than knobbly knees!''

Although Taraji might not let her insecurities get the better of her, she admits she does still have fears, and says she's long been afraid of ''loss in general''.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said: ''Life is fleeting, time is ticking. We're sitting here and we got five minutes that we will never get back. [I'm] learning to enjoy the now and embrace the unknown because that's life. You have no control.''

The 'Hidden Figures' star is currently engaged to former NFL player Kelvin Hayden, and recently said there's no-one else she'd rather be tying the knot with than her closest pal.

She said: ''My fans know. They've read my book, they know my story, they know I've been looking for love. I just feel happy and I feel like I've finally found the one. This is the guy I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. I'm marrying my best friend.''

Taraji announced her engagement on social media but admits she has a ''totally love/hate'' relationship with the Internet as she often feels too ''judged'' by trolls, but notes that it is an excellent platform to communicate with her fans.

She added: ''Some days, I don't want to be seen by the world. I just don't want to be judged. 'Why does she wear that color shirt? Why's her hair like that?' And then there are days when I feel like, 'Hmm, I just want to say hey to the people,' or I have something to promote. But when I don't have to, I don't. Too much is overload. I'm like, 'People are sick of me. I'm sick of me!'

''Really, people on the Internet, that's all they want is yes. They want yes, they want likes, they want hearts. You don't want no.''