Sophia Eggleston filed a $300 million (£228.2 million) lawsuit in August (15), claiming the show's central character, Cookie Lyon - played by Taraji P. Henson - is so similar to herself that Daniels must have used her as his muse.

The 53-year-old stated she was a drug kingpin who went to jail for ordering a hit on a man, and then wrote a memoir about her colourful life.

She alleged she travelled to Los Angeles in 2011 to meet screenwriter Rita Miller and gave her a copy of her book, The Hidden Hand, which she claimed must have then been used as the basis for Empire's popular character after Miller met with Daniels.

In January (16), creators Daniels and Danny Strong asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed, arguing the trial shouldn't be held in the U.S. District Court in Michigan because lawmakers there had no jurisdiction over the case.

However, Judge Terrence Berg dismissed the motion recently, and the two parties are preparing to begin depositions, according to the New York Post.