Tara Reid split from her fiance because she didn't want to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.

The 'American Pie' actress had been scheduled to marry internet entrepreneur Michael Axtmann in May after a whirlwind engagement, but called off the ceremony at the last minute, with the German businessman's father Siegfried Axtmann now revealing it was his insistence on the contract which sparked the end of their romance.

Siegfried - who employs his son in his business, which rents private jets - revealed to German broadcaster RTL Television: "I didn't want an American court disdaining our family business and have a cuckoo's egg laid in our nest."

Michael previously confirmed he and the 34-year-old star split because of "legal reasons".

Just a month before cancelling her wedding, Tara had been gushing about her big day and how she would look like a "princess" at the ceremony.

She said: "I'm going to look like a princess. I just picked out the designer - It's Rani from St. Pucchi, and she's like the most incredible wedding designer in the world, in my opinion.

"I want my wedding to look like a wonderland. I want it to blow people away - and also to have a fun energy."