Actress Tara Reid has been left furious after hackers infiltrated her account and began deleting her followers.

The Sharknado star launched a public appeal for technical help after she discovered Internet pranksters had accessed her page.

She writes in a series of posts on the site, "Will someone please help me my @twitter account is being hacked they are erasing all my fans I need to get in touch with. @twitter (sic)... Please help I can change password on computer, but can't sign out of phone it won't let me losing thousands of fans per second#help (sic)... it won't let me sign off the phone it says it won't let me log off. I need help please I'm losing all of you guys who love so much!#help (sic)."

After fixing the problem, Reid appealed to all the fans who were following her account to re-add her because the hackers had deleted so many of her previous connections, adding, "To all my amazing fans, thank you so much for your wise knowledge and support I hope you will follow me again. I love you, Thank You!"