Tara Reid has finally admitted she never really married Greek man Zack Kehayov after rising speculation the nuptials weren't in fact legal. The super-quick engagement had cast initial doubts, and suspicion intensified after the actress entered the UK Big Brother house immediately after her wedding.
Back in August 2011, the American Pie star tweeted a series of messages, firstly alerting fans of her engagement, and then moments later, that she was married. However, according to E! Online, the actress revealed the marriage was a fraud to a cameraman after landing at Lax airport this week. During a 30 second video, in which Reid looks tired and groggy, she answered questions about how she and Zack would fare on an episode of 'The Newlywed Game', saying, "No, we would lose.Because we were never really married...No, never legal". Her representatives are yet to confirm the news, but fans will be inclined to believe the actress given she has rarely been seen with her 'husband' since the apparent wedding. According to the United States Embassy, state ceremonies carried out in Greece must be registered with the Vital Statistics Office within 40 days in order for the home country to officially recognise the union.
Tara Reid became the subject of humiliation last month after it was revealed she will earn the lowest salary from the forthcoming American Pie Reunion movie. While big hitters such as Sean William Scott are set to pocket $5 million, Reid is taking home a paltry $250,000, according to the Hollywood Reporter.