Tara Reid has announced a 'Sharknado' perfume.

The 38-year-old actress is bringing out a shark-themed scent inspired by her latest film 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'.

The blonde starlet announced the fragrance on her official website, TaraReid.com. The site describes 'Shark by Tara' as ''a light and refreshing perfume perfect for day-to-day wear.''

Tara starred in the first 'Sharknado' film in 2013 and this year she reprised her role as the shark-slayer April Wexler in the disaster movie.

Available for $24.95, fans of the film can purchase the scent which boasts ''three different levels of nodes [sic] that embrace our fresh, light, and fun feel''. The fragrance features hints of mint, violet and lemon, jasmine tuberose, muguet with base notes of blue rose, amber and musk.

'Sharknado' has proved to be very lucrative for the actress, but Tara has admitted that she originally agreed to star in the film as a ''joke''.

When discussing the success of 'Sharknado' in February, Tara explained: ''I'm just as stunned as everyone else. Come on, I did it as a joke! I didn't even think anyone was going to see it.

''And then what happened has never happened before on any movie. Even now, you thought the buzz was going to stop about 'Sharknado', but it just keeps going.''