Tara Reid likes getting older because she has calmed down a lot.

The 36-year-old actress - who was previously famed for her partying ways - enjoys her slower-paced life and loves nothing more than a quiet night in.

Asked if she hates getting older, she said: ''Actually, I like it. I've been through a lot and I feel good with my life right now. I'm a lot more at peace and relaxed. And that has a lot to do with maturing; you calm down a lot and life isn't so fast-paced. I like nothing more than chilling with my dog by the fireplace.''

Last August, Tara announced she had married Bulgarian financier Zack Kehayo in Greece after three months of dating, but she later admitted the union was not legal.

Now, the 'American Reunion' actress has confirmed she is currently single.

She told Australia's Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I'm not married. I'm very single and very happy right now.''

The blonde actress insists she isn't worried about the future and whether or not she will marry eventually because she feels happy with herself.

She said: ''If it's meant to be that I get married, then great. But if not, then that's great, too. You have to be happy with yourself, I feel good about where my life is going.''