Tara Reid appears to have suffered new indignity just weeks after it emerged the 36-year-old actress accepted a fee as low as $250,000 to appear in the 'American Pie' reunion. This time, the actress revealed to a Tmz.com reporter that her recent marriage to Bulgarian financier Zack Kehayov wasn't strictly legal.
Reid's last seven films have gone straight-to-video and the star even resorted to taking the career saving ritual of appearing on Celebrity Big Brother Uk earlier this year. Last month, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that while stars like Jason Biggs and Sean William Scott were getting paid in the region of $5 million dollars to appear in 'American Reunion' - released next April - Reid was receiving a more paltry $250,000, below any of her co-stars, including Chris Klein, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth. A studio representative has called the figures "inaccurate" but it is understood the actress is receiving a lower fee than her contemporaries.
The latest embarrassment for Reid came after she revealed her and Kehayov's marriage wasn't binding. "We would lose... we were never really married, it was never legal," she told a photographer at Lax after being asked how the couple would fare on U.S. show 'The Newlywed Game'. The pair 'got hitched' on the Greek island of Santorini on August 13th 2011.