Wild actress Tara Reid is showing no signs of tempering her penchant for partying - she was so drunk on Saturday (21FEB04) she had to be carried out of a club.

The American Pie beauty - who was spotted downing vodka during a glitzy recording industry bash at Miami hotspot MANSION - was so inebriated by the early hours, bouncers had to assist her out of the venue.

Reid's boyfriend WAYNE BOICH, who the actress has previously credited with helping her stop living a wild life, was not present at the party - they reportedly had a nasty row earlier that evening.

A source tells New York website PAGE SIX, "She was at a table, drinking straight vodka out of a water glass. She passed out on the couch and we all watched her slide slowly to the floor the bouncers had to come get her."

01/03/2004 09:07