Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been photographed holding hands with Alexander Spencer-Churchill - the ex-boyfriend of Pippa Middleton. The rumored couple attended the launch of the John Lewis Beauty Hall in London's Oxford Street on Tuesday (May 8, 2012).

Alexander has been linked to the socialite before - they were reportedly dating back in 2009 after Tara had split from Eduardo Teodorani Fabbri. However, that romance fizzled out and Alexander was spotted kissing Pippa Middleton at a party later that year, according to the UK's Daily Mirror. Spencer-Churchill is considered one of the wealthiest bachelors in Britain, and ironically, his previous job was running a wealth management firm. Tara recently arrived back from a break in Switzerland, following a slurring interview on Radio 5. Her spokesman denied she had checked into rehabilitation, though Tara tweeted in April, "I was a bit nervous coming back to UK, but I am feeling better. I got some good help xx".

Meanwhile, Pippa Middleton is reportedly looking to fix her damaged reputation after becoming involved in a gun-wielding fiasco on the streets of Paris last month. According to the UK's Daily Mail, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is said to be looking to move to the U.S, particularly New York.