Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has reportedly checked into rehab.

The 40-year-old socialite was admitted to the private Manor clinic in Hampshire, South East England, last week for a month of treatment.

A friend said: ''Tara has a well-documented history of battling various demons and unfortunately it seems some have returned to haunt her.

''She knows when things get bad, the only answer is rehab. All those who love her support her and are so pleased she has decided to take this course of action as she has been having a particularly difficult time lately.

''She's in for a month and we're looking forward to seeing a healthier, happier Tara on the other side.''

It is unclear why Tara has entered the clinic - which states on its website it offers treatment for alcoholism, anxiety, drug addiction and depression - but friends say she has not reached rock bottom in the was she did in 1999, when she sought help for cocaine addiction.

The insider added to Britain's Grazia magazine: ''Tara admits she's slipped up a few times recently, which is why she's sought help. But she's in no way as bad as she was in the past.

''This is not about cocaine, this is just getting her back to full healthy.''

Tara - who was pictured last month looking dishevelled and confused at a party - recently admitted she sought help in 1999 because she was ''ashamed'' of her problems.

She said: ''You've got to hit rock bottom and you've got to really want to get well. I got well because I felt so ashamed because I love my family.''