British socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has confirmed reports she enjoyed a romantic fling with British chart-topper James Blunt. The YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL hitmaker has been repeatedly linked to the TV presenter since finding fame and admits she would have denied the rumours if they were untrue. And Blunt, who is currently dating singer Camilla Boler, has also been romantically linked to Czech supermodel Petra Nemcova, THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS singer Jessica Sutta and THE OC star MISCHA BARTON since starting his nine-month world tour. Palmer-Tomkinson says, "If nothing had happened between James and I then I would have come right out and said nothing had happened. And I haven't done that, have I? "That's your answer - it's pretty easy to work out what I'm saying. However, I am quite deliberately stopping short of going into detail. I'm keeping my dignity here." Palmer-Tomkinson also hit back at Boler's claims that she is merely a "publicity seeker", sniping, "I'm not the one who needs publicity out of the two of us."