LATEST: Reigning MISS USA Tara Conner has kept her crown, but organisers of the beauty pageant are planning to evaluate her "behavioural issues" following a series of reported wild acts in New York bars. Many felt a planned announcement from the Miss Universe Organization yesterday (14DEC06) would dethrone Conner but the Kentucky native, 20, has kept her crown - just. In a statement, PAULA SHUGART, the president of the Moss Universe Organization wrote, "Miss USA Tara Conner has not been dethroned. "The Miss Universe Organization will be evaluating her behavioral (sic) and personal issues to see what we can do to work with her, and what we will do about her reign going forward." Property tycoon Donald Trump, who owns the Miss USA pageant name, will also investigate Conner's alleged behaviour and "will make a determination and announcement within the coming week".