Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star Tanya Roberts broke down in a Los Angeles court on Thursday (11SEP03) when she was told she'd have to give up her beloved dogs or face a jail term.

One of the actress' pets, SPANKY, was taken to an animal control centre after it attacked a jogger near her Los Angeles home in May (03), and her own license, allowing her to own dogs, was revoked after the incident.

Roberts, who was also a Bond girl in A VIEW TO A KILL, chose to fight to keep her dogs and get Spanky back, but was told by a judge her pets were too dangerous.

The actress tearfully pleaded for the judge to reconsider, claiming her wheelchair-bound husband needed the dogs for his rehabilitation.

A spokeswoman for Roberts says, "I don't know what she's going to do now. I guess we'll have to find new homes for the dogs outside of LA county."

14/09/2003 21:22