LATEST: R+B star Tank has slammed New Orleans police for treating him "like a criminal" during his arrest earlier this week (begs18Feb08) because he was completely innocent in the incident. The singer - real name Durrel Babbs - was on his way to an afterparty for the NBA All-Star Weekend at the House of Blues with his female friend Ira Dewitt in the early hours of Monday (18Feb08) when they were prevented by police from entering the club due to a shooting in the area. Dewitt claimed the cops were rude to them after blocking their path, prompting Tank to ask the officers, "Why are you gonna be like that?" before starting to walk away from the scene. But the incident turned violent when three policemen allegedly attacked the star and used their Taser guns to give him an electric shock. And Tank is disgusted at the cops' behaviour. In a statement, he says, "The most frustrating part of the entire incident is knowing that I did not do anything to pose a threat but was treated like a criminal. "With a clean-cut image and a lady by my side, the law took matters into their own hands and chose to endanger my safety and those accompanying me. It's 2008 and New Orleans is still very much in trouble beyond the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I'm a living witness." The singer, who was arrested and booked for disorderly conduct in addition to various other charges, has now hired attorney Benard Charbonnet with the intention of taking legal action against the officers. The incident is currently under police investigation.