Lust, Caution actress Tang Wei has received a media ban in China due to the extreme sexual nature of her performance in the film, reports claim.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that an internal memo from China's State Administration of Radio Film and Television (SARFT) was allegedly sent to all the country's television stations and print media last night.

The memo stated that a new TV advert featuring Wei, for the skincare product Pond's, was to cease broadcast with immediate effect.

It is alleged that all print adverts and feature content using the actress are to be pulled too, with no official reason given in the memo.

Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily also claimed that all award shows in China have been told to exclude Tang and the producers of the film from their guest lists and online discussions regarding Lust, Caution and the actress have been deleted.

Ang Lee's film reportedly upset China's government, where top officials attacked the film's content as "glorification of traitors and insulting to patriots".

SARFT was reportedly criticised for allowed the film to be released in China, even after seven minutes of graphic sex were cut from the film.

07/03/2008 18:21:17