Tamsin Egerton is annoyed she gets judged for doing sex scenes.

The 22-year-old British actress stars alongside Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green in TV drama 'Camelot' and while she is comfortable with what she does on screen, she insists she is not the same in her real life.

She said: "It's completely scary! I do a lot of sex scenes in 'Camelot' and people are quick to judge and that annoys me a bit.

"I'm not a prude and I'm in a long-term, loving relationship. There's no way I'd do that in real life."

The 'St. Trinians' actress - who refuses to be drawn on claims she is in a relationship with 'Dorian Gray' actor Ben Barnes - says she is drawn to "emotionally intelligent" men and couldn't date someone who wasn't affectionate.

She told LOOK magazine: "I'm so affectionate I need to be with someone who wants cuddles all the time. I couldn't be with a wet fish. I also like guys who are emotionally intelligent. I've had some boyfriends who were too cool for school."