Noel Clarke gets frustrated when people say he shouldn't act and direct.

The British star - who works behind and in front of the lens on new film '' - confesses Americans understand his desire to direct and act more than Brits.

He said: "In America, the more things people can do, the happier they are. You can do everything there. Over here they're like, 'What? Let me sit down and have a sip of whisky. You write, you act and you - direct?' I can't understand that. You have to apologise for doing more than one thing. That bugs me. A lot."

The 34-year-old leading man also admits '' was hard to work on because it was "unique".

He told Britain's Independent newspaper: "It's hard to do it justice 'coz it's quite a unique film. It's a new genre. I wrote it because I was always wanting to do something different like Quentin Tarentino, I love those types of film. The idea of doing something different scared me."

'' - which stars Emma Robert, Tamsin Egerton and Ophelia Lovibond - is in UK cinemas now.