Tamsin Egerton loves cakes.

The 22-year-old actress is famous for her trim physique, but loves to devour a calorific treat - even though they make her feel ill.

She said: "I'm quite lucky. My mum is slender and a trained nutritionist so I eat well naturally. But I love cakes. I'm allergic to wheat but I ignore it, so I always have a tummy ache after eating croissants, cake and toast."

Tamsin rarely works out but found her body shape completely changed when she had to take up horse riding for her role in TV drama series 'Camelot' alongside Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes.

She said: "I've never gone to the gym, but I did so much horse riding in 'Camelot' my body completely changed shape.

"I had muscular thighs, which I'd never had before. It was amazing."

Despite her fashionable appearance, Tamsin does not stick to one style and likes to mix up her look.

She added: "I'll never wear anything outrageous and I like my clean lines and my tailoring. One day I'll wear leather trousers and the next I'll be in a lacy dress with ballet pumps. I'm schizophrenic with my wardrobe."