Former televangelist Tammy Faye Messner is steeling herself for a third battle with cancer.

Messner, who recently appeared alongside Vanilla Ice and Ron Jeremy in hit reality show The Surreal Life, was first diagnosed with colon cancer nearly a decade ago and last year (04) found that the disease has spread to her lungs. It has since reappeared in her lungs.

Messner was preparing for the premiere of a TV documentary detailing her triumph over cancer in 2004 when she found out the illness had returned.

She says, "I'm not worried, I'm not afraid. By the third time you have cancer, you begin to think about your mortality."

She adds of her documentary, TAMMY FAYE: DEATH DEFYING, "I wanted to help people. I felt with cancer and AIDS and these debilitating diseases, we could maybe show the inside (of the experience) and make it a little less frightening."

Despite her ailment, Messner is planning to continue travelling the country to give inspirational talks.

She notes, "I thank God, I'm truly one of the lucky ones. There's always people that are worse off than you are, and that's what I look at to give me strength."

21/07/2005 09:20