The actress has just returned to the hit show after taking two years off to welcome her now two-year-old daughter, Phoenix, and she's glad to be back at work after a trying time at home.

"When you become a mother everything changes," Tammin tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight.

She admits her relationship with husband Sean MCEwen has suffered, confessing they fight more, and she only wishes friends and family had warned her about what comes with parenting.

This is something she hopes to change with her new blog, Bottle and Heels, which offers practical advice and tips for new mums.

"After my daughter was born, I felt very isolated and lost," Tammin adds. "I didn't have a community and network of women around me who could support and uplift each other and I didn't have any friends who had kids.

"When you go through something, you change the world or it defines you, and I wanted to create an online forum (for mums) to come together."

Tammin reveals even her plan to stay sexy both during and after the birthing process went out the window as soon as reality set in.

"I thought I was gonna go to the hospital... I got my make-up done, and I bought all these sexy underwear 'cause I was like, 'I'm gonna give birth, I'm gonna look at my husband and be like, I effing love you... you made this baby with me!'" she recalled.

"I was in an adult-sized diaper for two weeks. Two weeks...! You think it's going to be one way and it's not and no one talks about it."