Actress-turned-reality Tv star Tamera Mowry suffered an anxiety attack on her first day back at work after becoming a mum as she struggled to cope with time away from her baby boy.

The former Sister, Sister star returned to the set of her U.S. reality show Tia & Tamera last week (ends22Mar13), five months after giving birth to son Aden, but she battled crippling nerves and almost had a breakdown.

Her twin sister Tia, who became a first-time mum to her son, Cree Taylor, in 2011, came to her rescue and helped to calm her down and now Mowry has opened up about her worrying experience with fans on the siblings' blog.

In a new post online, she writes, "It was my first day doing lunch with Tia with the babies at home. There I was, on set hanging with Tia, when all of a sudden I was seized with this horrible gripping feeling in my stomach. Was Aden awake yet? What was he doing? Was he crying for mommy? What if I'm the only one who could make him feel better? All these questions were zooming through my head, and I swear my breath caught in my throat as I let the anxiety wash over me in one awful wave.

"Tia asked me what was wrong, and I told her about my fears. She immediately told me to take a few deep breaths, and said that it was normal for mommies to feel this way - after all, I was blessed to be by his side non-stop for 4 months since his birth! It's no surprise that the first time I was apart from him I would feel nervous."

Mowry has also shared her top tips with readers in a bid to aid other new mums in similar situations, advising them that "separation is a part of life".