Tamara Mellon's daughter won't inherit her vast shoe collection.

The founder and chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo has "thousands" of pairs of shoes but says nine-year-old Minty probably won't be able to wear any of them because her feet will be too big.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "I really don't know how many pairs I have now - it is probably in the thousands.

"Minty's feet are already only one size smaller than mine - at age nine. She's never going to be able to fit into all my shoes."

Tamara - who raises Minty as a single mother - also revealed how proud she is of what she has achieved with her life and career.

She said: "I wanted my freedom and independence - they were the real driving forces for me. I never wanted to rely on a husband or a father for money."

She is also still learning to get the right balance between working and being a mother, saying: "But it is still a very difficult juggling act. I am trying to get a bit more balance now, and travel a little less."