Fashion mogul Tamara Mellon's $10 million (£6.6 million) lawsuit against her mother has been dismissed.
Mellon, president of designer shoe brand Jimmy Choo, filed papers against her mum, former Chanel model Ann Yeardye, in January 2008 for breach of contract in the sale of the company in 2004.
The 42 year old claimed that when the firm was sold, her mother, who was also a stake holder, had allegedly received stock that should have gone to Mellon.
Yeardye insisted on getting her shares in cash, but half of the stock that was supposed to go to Mellon went to her mother, according to the legal papers.
Yeardye then refused to turn the stock over to her daughter, and filed a cross complaint against Mellon in October 2008 on the grounds of breach of contract and promissory fraud, seeking $8 million (£5.3 million) in damages.
Both lawsuits have now been dismissed following a status conference in June (09), according to RadarOnline.
Papers from the hearing read, "A request for dismissal having been filed on February 20, 2009, this matter is placed off calendar. The court orders the case removed from the civil active list and all future hearing dates, if any, advanced and vacated."