Tamara Mellon is to launch a Jimmy Choo fragrance.

The shoe tycoon - who founded the exclusive footwear company in 1996 - is to launch the perfume next year after having signed a 12-year contract with Inter Parfums, The Company responsible for the scents of fashion houses Burberry, Lanvin and Paul Smith.

Rumours of a Jimmy Choo fragrance have been circulating within The Fashion world for some time, and Mellon has made no secret of the fact that she envisages a perfume as an "integral part of the modern wardrobe".

She said: "It has always been my vision to fully accessorise the woman, and fragrance is an integral part of the modern wardrobe. I look forward to bringing this important aspect of my vision to life."

Elsewhere in the Jimmy Choo empire, the British businesswoman - who currently owns a fifth of The Firm - recently dismissed reports she was planning to sell the company, which is believed to be worth $800 million.

Tamara explained: "I'm not going anywhere. There is too much future growth in the business for me to leave now. We're looking at all the different options available to us and it's hard to know which is preferable until we've really examined them all."