Tamara Ecclestone hates wearing make-up around her daughter.

The 30-year-old socialite revealed she dislikes kissing her eight-month-old child Sophia while wearing cosmetic products, so has to be fresh-faced when spending time with the youngster.

She said: ''I hate having a full face of make-up when I'm kissing Sophia. After a shoot, I take it all off with a face wipe so I can kiss her.''

However, the model admitted it's not a problem she has often because she doesn't make much of an effort with her appearance when she's at home with the newborn, and only dresses up when she leaves the house.

She explained: ''I like to look good when I go out but I look like a scruffy homeless person in the day! I'm either very casual or glam.''

Tamara - who founded her own hair care range Show Beauty last year - also revealed how her beauty regime has changed since giving birth in March.

She continued: 'Since becoming a mother, I can get ready in 45 minutes and I'm a pro at fishtail plaits now because Sophia is such a hair destroyer.''

Although the svelte stunner is in great shape since giving birth to her daughter, the star confessed she is yet to hit the gym since her pregnancy, but is keen to get into shape in 2015.

She told MailOnline: ''I haven't done any exercise since giving birth. I walk her in her pram around the park but other than that, I've done none.

''December is all about eating because it's cold and Christmassy but I will get back into my healthy regime in January; life is too short to say no to everything.''