Tamara Ecclestone's dog has been urinating on designer handbags.

The 28-year-old socialite - the daughter of Formula 1 supremo and billionaire Bernie Ecclestone - is rarely seen without her beloved chihuahua Duke, but the miniature pooch had developed a bad habit for marking his territory on expensive accessories, much to the embarrassment of his owner.

However, rather than simply stand by and watch her messy mutt pee at inappropriate times, Tamara called in a dog expert to toilet train the incontinent canine.

A friend of the beauty told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It was beginning to be a real problem, so the only answer was doggie training. Wherever Tamara went, Duke would strike. No one's handbags were safe. The most mortifying thing was that he specially liked limited-edition Hermes Birkins which cost up to £20,000 each.''

Reality TV star Tamara's decision to get help has paid off, as now Duke no longer cocks his leg when he sees a fashionable handbag.

The pal added: ''Duke is cured. But the trainer told Tamara she had to stop molly-coddling Duke so much.''