Tamara Ecclestone and her family wear matching Christmas jumpers.

The 32-year-old socialite - who has two-year-old daughter Sophia with husband Jay Rutland - insists the festive season is more about being comfortable than looking glamorous , even if her spouse doesn't always agree.

She said: ''People think I'll be tottering around in a bodycon dress but I spend most of Christmas Day in my pyjamas - I don't even brush my hair.

''Before Christmas, I go on Amazon and buy the family lots of matching onesies and Christmas jumpers - the cheesier the better.

''I got Jay one with a big reindeer in silly glasses, but he's refusing to wear it.

''On Christmas Day, we usually eat way too much and end up falling asleep on the sofa watching TV. We're planning to watch The Queen's Christmas message and then my favourite movies, 'Love Actually' and 'The Holiday'.

Despite being from one of the world's richest families, Tamara insists they don't exchange extravagant gifts.

She said recently: ''There's nothing I can buy my parents that they don't already have so we stick to giving sentimental presents from the heart.

''I like making my family collages with photos of Sophia.

''The best present I ever received was last year. Jay have me a DVD filled with video clips of the past year of our lives together.

''It was so cute - he gave it to me on Christmas Eve and I just sat there bawling my eyes out. I don't think I can watch it again.''