Tamara Ecclestone's billionaire father bought a mountain because he liked it.

The 33-year-old socialite made the revelation on her new ITV show 'Tamara's World' during a trip to Gstaad, Switzerland, where her business magnate dad - former Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone - enjoys holidaying with the family.

While on a getaway to the Swiss Alps with husband Jay Rutland and their three-year-old daughter Sophia, Tamara revealed: ''Glacier 3000 is my dad's mountain, he liked the mountain so he bought it, taking Sofia for the first time is so special.''

Jay quipped: ''You can see where she gets it from!'''

Later, as the family are seen walking through the town of Gstaad, Jay asks, ''Whose hotel is that?'', to which three-year-old Sophia replies, ''Ours.''

During the show, Tamara also reveals the many other aspects of her lavish lifestyle.

The socialite has, for instance, turned her pool into a huge play area for Sophia, while she also showed off her £5 million wardrobe, which is home to 72 pairs of designer sunglasses and a room which houses 95 clutch bags.

Meanwhile, Tamara recently admitted she worries her daughter won't love her if she doesn't give her everything she wants.

The star revealed she tries not to spoil Sophia, but confessed she does ''have a fear'' that her daughter would turn on her if she says no to a present.

Tamara explained: ''I don't want to spoil her but, at the same time, I do want to give her everything.

''I do have a fear that if I say, 'No,' to her she won't love me, but I realise she also has to respect me, so there are times I say, 'You can't have this now. You've a birthday coming. Christmas is coming.''''