Tamara Ecclestone is hoping for a baby girl.

The 29-year-old socialite is delighted to be expecting her first child with former stockbroker Jay Rutland - who she married in June after four years of dating - but is secretly wishing the tiny tot is female because she wants it to play with her sister, Petra's, daughter, seven-month-old Lavinia.

She said: ''I hope it's a girl. I used to want a boy, but now Petra has a daughter I feel that your girls could be sisters.''

The brunette beauty can't wait to start developing a baby bump in coming weeks but admits the pregnancy is already playing havoc with her as she can't stomach her favourite foods anymore and was living off plain carbohydrates for the first 12 weeks.

She explained: ''I can't bear bacon, eggs, chicken or steak anymore, all of which I used to live on. I can't even eat Galaxy chocolate, which I was addicted to. For the first 12 weeks, I lived on pasta with butter on it and plain toast. It was hard to stomach anything when I felt so sick and it's better to eat white carbs than nothing at all.''