Tamara Ecclestone has ''no desire'' to see Omar Khyami.

The brunette beauty split from her stockbroker boyfriend last July after he had an X-rated tape of them together delivered to her father, Formula One mogul Bernie Ecclestone, and Tamara now feels more confident in herself to leave the incident in the past.

She explained: ''I feel so great. I've got more energy and I'm feeling really positive. I feel like I've finally put all the Omar drama in the past.

''I've changed my numbers and I've let go of everything in the past. In the past, I think I was nervous at the prospect of seeing him, but now it's fine. I have no desire to see him or speak to him.''

The 28-year-old socialite has recently been spotted out and about with her brand manager Scott Harvey-Nicholls and although Tamara is fond of the businessman, she insists the pair are just good friends and that the mysterious diamond ring on her wedding finger is simply a token from her mother.

She continued to new! magazine: ''My mum gave me that ring. I always wear rings on my wedding finger, even though everyone says it's bad luck.

''I was out with Scott - my brand manager - and everyone was like, 'Is this her new boyfriend?' Well, no, it's not! I'm single.

''He's a very close friend, but nothing has or ever will happen between me and Scott, 100 per cent. I'm not his type!''