Tamara Ecclestone is looking forward to ''adult conversation'' when her daughter is at school.

The 34-year-old socialite is rarely apart from four-year-old Sophia - her child with husband Jay Rutland - and though she's feeling emotional about being separated from the youngster, she's also excited at the thought of having time to herself to work on her business.

She told HELLO! magazine: ''It's going to be great for me to focus on adult conversation. Then I'll get her at the end of the day and go back to being mum again. It'll be the best of both worlds.

''I'll be able to be fully present to dedicate my time to my businesses, including Fifi and Friends.

''We're launching in more and more countries and more and more stores and we're on Amazon, and developing new products such as sunscreen. It's exciting.''

And Tamara thinks the new weekday routine will make weekends even more special.

She said: ''Fifi starting school is going to make weekends even more special because it will just be our time. I still want her to be a kid and enjoy life - go to the park, climb trees and just have fun. It can't all be serious.''

But while the family are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives, the brunette beauty admitted it's going to take some adjustment.

She said: ''Trying to wake Fifi up in the morning is like trying to wake a teenager. So the mornings will be quite chaotic.

''We'll probably end up rushing to school in the car, though it's not far so we could walk. In summer maybe she'll go on her scooter.''